Top 8 Best Robotic Lawn Mower in 2022

One of the best gardening gadgets to appear in recent years is the robot lawn mower, which is ideal for people who wish to spend less time doing chores in robot lawn mowers for small lawns.

Is there a task that is more monotonous than cutting the lawn? It’s a strenuous, sweaty job. It’s also superfluous now that robotic lawn mowers have become commonplace.

If you have the correct tools, maintaining a beautiful lawn has never been simpler. Lawn Love has searched through the market to offer you our reviews of the top 8 robot lawn mower now on the market.

How did we rate the best automatic lawn mower or lawn robots on our list of the top models? These elements were examined:

  • Cutting area
  • Interface
  • Features
  • Price

Costs for most robotic lawn mowers range from $1,000 to $1,500. (Riding mower prices might be significantly more.) Here, we showcase robotic lawn mowers of all price points to give you the best option in each category:

  • “Inexpensive” – less than $1,000
  • “Moderate” – $1,000 to $2,000
  • “Expensive” – Above $2,000

Top Seven of the best robotic lawn mower for one acre 2022

Product NameBrandCutting WidthBuy Now
Worx Landroid S300WORX7 InchesCheck On Amazon
Husqvarna Auto MowerHusqvarna20.1 inchesCheck On Amazon
Gardena Smart Sileno LifeGardena8.7 InchesCheck On Amazon
Flymo 1200RAYI7 InchesCheck On Amazon
Honda Miimo 520Husqvarna7 InchesCheck On Amazon
John Deere Tango E5 SeriesJohn Deere9.5 InchesCheck On Amazon
BOSCH INDEGO M+700Bosch Home and GardenCheck On Amazon
Stihl iMow 422PStihl8 InchesCheck On Amazon

Top 8 Automatic lawn mower in 2022

1.Worx Landroid S300 WR130E Robotic Mower

This is a perfect size for robotic lawn mower for small garden up to 300 m2. It comes in the box, all cables, wire and pegs you need. It’s all pre-programmed with a schedule that suits the size of lawn and easily adjustable via the app of your phone. 

Agile and smarter because of intelligent AiA techniques, it cuts your lawn 30% faster than other robot mowers, and doesn’t wear the edges of your lawn like others do with their continual reversing. Cutting width 180 mm.

Pros And Cons

  • Perfect for smaller gardens up to 300m2
  • Smart Auto Scheduling
  • AIA technology. Agile and faster than others.
  • Configurable to your needs. Choose from five unique options
  • Worx PowerShare. Landroid can share its battery with all Worx 20V cordless tools.
  • Sensor less brushless motors, same technology as used in EVs
  • Automatic Over the Air Software updates
  • Cutting Height 20-50mm. Cutting Width 180mm
  • Chargeable battery
  • You have to set all programm by yourself.

2.Stihl iMow 422P Robotic Mower

With the STIHL iMow RMI422 P, This automower will quietly and efficiently mow your best automatic lawn mower mows on regular basis and can handle rough, thick grass and slopes up to 22°.

The RP is designed to cut yards up to ¼ acre in about 17 hours per week with its durable double-sided steel blade, adjustable cutting heights and high performance STIHL battery technology best automatic lawn mower or robot lawn mower 1 acre

Robotic lawn mower has automated and customizable features such as intelligent hood sensor (allowing the iMOW to work around solid objects), flexible programming, best automatic lawn mower charging and more robot lawn mower!

It is serviced by specially trained STIHL iMOW Dealers who will customize it specifically for your yard. With this smart mower, you watch, iMOW.

Pros And Cons

  • Intelligent hood sensor
  • Flexible programming
  • Automatic charging
  • With this smart mower, you watch iMOW.
  • Charging needed for next work

3.Husqvarna Auto Mower 315X Robotic Mower

Advanced 4- wheeled robotic mower for larger and more complex grass areas. It is suitable for medium areas up to 1500m2.

Best robotic lawn mower are Smart technology adapts the amount of mowing to the lawn’s growth rate, guides the automower through narrow passages husqvarna 430x best automower or husqvarna robot mower.

It has intuitive menu system on the large, user-friendly display allows personal settings for when you’d like the machine to mow. Snap-covers in different colors are available as options best automatic lawn mowerautomower husqvarna.

Pros And Cons

  • Automower connect home
  • Weather Timer
  • Automatic passage handling balance
  • Guide wire
  • Manages slopes up to 40%
  • Remote start points x3
  • Flexible charging station placement
  • Balance control
  • Spiral cutting
  • Spot cutting
  • Replaceable top covers
  • Graphic- menu display,large sized
  • Reliability
  • Maximum area smaller than others for price

4.Gardena Smart Sileno Life Robotic Mower

Discover best robotic lawn mower gardening innovation with Gardena smart SILENO Life, 1,500m2 Set! The smart easy app control gives you the freedom to look your garden from anywhere.

Now , featuring LONA technology, an Al- based mapping technology that learns, maps and adopts to individual gardens.

It allows you to review the settings of law ware maintenance schedule at any time. You can small robot lawn mower flexibly determine which area should be mowed and how often.  

This efficient garden helper is particularly quiet, proudly delivering best in class low-noise levels at only 57 db(A), you and your neighbours can enjoy the peace of your garden while it does the hard work. 

Pros And Cons

  • Automatic charging system
  • Maximum slope performance 35%
  • Maximum slope performance at boundary 10%
  • Gardena App control
  • Schedule type
  • Typical charging time,60 min
  • Typical mow time on one charge 65 min
  • Dual cutting direction
  • Daily active time, mowing and cutting is needed
  • 22.5 h for maximum area capacity

5.Flymo 1200R Robotic Mower

This flymo 1200R is perfect for freeing up your time to do other things as it can be programmed to mow independently on times that suits you robot lawn mower. 

  • Cutting width (mm) – 170 mm, Cutting heights from 20-50 mm
  • 18 V / 1.6 Ah Lithium-ion Battery & mains powered
  • 1 year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Comes with Comes with full installation kit,charging station and security alarm

Pros And Cons

  • it comes with full installation kit, charging station and security alarm.
  • Designed to daily mowing and mulching without the need to dispose of the grass clippings.
  • Covers all garden shapes; mowing in random pattern, whatever the shape so all parts are covered.
  • Highly sensitive collision sensors stops mower from getting into any collisions and helps it to avoid obstacles.
  • Ideal for slopes, can work on slopes with a gradient up 25%.
  • The average mowing time is 65 minutes.
  • Comparatively large and bright
  • Requires largest area around docking station
  • Needs 90cm between boundary wire
  • Both guide and boundary wires need to be self-installed

6.Honda Miimo 520 Robotic Mower

Miimo follows the layout of any garden, quitely and finely cutting the grass so there is no unsightly clippings left knows when to recharge.

Uneven and ground or even inclined slopes can also be cut by it. It can be programmed to work to a schedule that suits you.

Mimmo cuts grass clippings into tiny particles- With Miimo there is no grass to collect (which can mean a cleaner best automower household!).

Miimo has been designed with safety in mind. Best automatic lawn mower It’s equipped with sensors that detect any lifting or tilting motion – stopping the blades instantly.

Miimo has 360° sensors and will change direction if any obstacle is detected; making it completely safe to use around pets and children.

Pros And Cons

  • Zone management
  • Cutting height adjustment
  • No noise, no disturbance
  • Great slope and uneven ground capacity
  • Miimo 520 Key Statistics
  • Anti-theft security
  • Cutting time and technique adjustment
  • Washable
  • Highest price
  • Relatively few features

7.John Deere Tango E5 Series II Robotic Mower

It’s totally autonomous mowing.It operates in any weather at any time. It extremely quiet. No grass clipping disposal required.

A modern, hassle free solution that saves you time and delivers a perfectly maintained lawn. The TANGO E5 Series ll is desi GB Ed to maintain your lawn automatically meaning you can enjoy the more important aspects of life,

Designed, innovated and built by John Deere to its highest manufacturing standards, the TANGO E5 Series ll autonomous best automower sets a new bench mark in lawn maintenance.

Pros And Cons

  • Autonomous mowing
  • Operates in any weather
  • Extremely quiet
  • No grass clipper is needed
  • Automatic mower
  • Not suitable for narrow areas
  • Awkward height adjustment
  • PIN code is only security feature
  • No Smart connectivity


Here is a quite pretty heavy robot lawn mower considering the size of it. The materials are mainly plastic, but it’s not wobbly or thin so the build quality gives a decent impression. 

You will find the display and two buttons on top of the indego M+. The black button next to the red one sets the cutting height in three steps, and the red button is for emergency stop. 

You have to install the robot lawn mower app. Best robotic lawn mower are installation is for sure one of the downsides of the Bosch Indego M+ 700. The process is time consuming and contains few very frustrating moments. 

For one, the charging dock can only be positioned in one direction, which means the robot can only dock clockwise are cheapest robotic lawn mower.

So you are a bit limited as to where you can place the charging dock, Best automatic lawn mower also it will have to take the long tour home when best robot lawnmower done mowing- it can’t even travel counterclockwise and then do a u movement around the charging dock . 

Pros And Cons

  • Silent
  • Unique cutting system
  • No emissions
  • Theft protection by alarm-pin code
  • Automatic charging
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact and light weight
  • Scheduling
  • Lift and tilt sensors
  • Weather proof
  • Is your lawn 700m sq?
  • Expensive

Frequently Ask Questions

Are robotic lawn mowers worth it?

There’s a big initial expenditures, a robotic mower will cost you less than 25$ per year in operating cost. If you’ve been paying landscapers to keep your lawn looking like an emerald carpet, you’ll realize considerable savings in a year or two. 

Is there a lawn mower that works like a Roomba?

Many robotic mowers have a manufacturer ‘s recommended yard size, usually around one-half care.while the actual mowing is hands- free, robotic mowers do require work to set up. Robot mowers use low-voltage wire to verify a perimeter and mowing zones ( much like a dog’s invisible fence.)

What is the best automower?

Best robot lawn mower: At a glance

  • Overall: Worx Landroud&300.
  • Best for efficient cutting : Bosch Indego S+ 500. 
  • Best budget : Lawn Master L10.
  • Best for challenging shaped lawns: 
  • Garden silent city 


Here is a quite pretty heavy robot lawn mower considering the size of it. The materials are mainly plastic, but it’s not wobbly or thin so the build quality gives a decent impression. 

You will find the display and two buttons on top of the indego M+. best automower The black button next to the red one sets the cutting height in three steps, and the red button is for emergency stop. 

You have to install the robotic lawn mower app.The installation is for sure one of the downsides of the Bosch Indego M+ 700. The process is time consuming and contains few very frustrating moments are cheapest robotic lawn mower.

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