Top 9 Best Walk Behind Brush Cutter In 2022 (Buying Guide)

The best walk behind brush cutter for the lawn. Best Brush Mower will encompass tall grasses and weeds, small saplings, sometimes up to 2 ½ to 3 in diameter with best field mower

However, there are probably overgrown parts on the land that need removing if you provide service to homes and huge estates. This type of Grass trash cannot be cut through with a regular mower or trimmer.

Use of these tools to chop the debris is not advised. The internals of the motor are harmed, and the machine’s service life is significantly decreased.

We advise using a best brush mower cutter made specifically to remove the toughest yard items for challenging clearing operations.

Similar to a line trimmer is the best walk behind brush mower But unlike a typical trimmer, it has a gas-powered motor and more working torque.

It might be difficult to maintain overgrown, tall grasses and shrubs while mowing your lawn. Your standard lawnmowers would not be able to cut through the deeper terrains in such circumstances, therefore you could wish to use a best field mower instead top rated brush cutter.

Brush mowers are able to cut through hard, dense terrain, bushes, and trees to leave you with a tidy lawn because they have a deck that is much broader than ordinary lawnmowers, stronger motors, and metal blades.

Here are some of the top brush cutters that we think will help you choose the right one for your needs.

There are numerous varieties of brush mowers, but we’ll walk you through a couple to help you decide which one you really want  and get a cleaner lawn this season..

Best Walk Behind Brush Mower or Best Field Mower

Brush MowerEngine DisplacementEngine TypeCutting WidthBuy Now
YARDMAX YL2250170 cc4-cycle22 Amazon
Earthquake Walk160 cc4-cycle22Amazon
WRC10224H389cc4-cycle24 Amazon
TAZZ 150cc4-Cycle22Amazon
Swisher FC14560603cc4-Cycle60Amazon
Southland SWFT15022150 cc 4-Cycle2200 Amazon
Dr Power At41026dmn195 cc4-Cycle26Amazon
SuperHandy144 cc4-Cycle21Amazon
Swisher RC14544CPKA603cc4-Cycle44Amazon

Top 9 Best Brush Mower in 2022

YARDMAX YL2250 22 in. 170cc Gas Walk Behind String Trimmer Mower

In this assessment, this YardMax model takes home the prize for the best all-around best walk behind brush cutter. This brush-cutter works well for trimming tasks as well as for clearing weeds and long grass.

This model has a gas-powered, 4-stroke, 170cc MTD Powermore OHV (Overhead Valve) engine. In the lawn care market, YardMax is known for making some of the greatest gas-powered engines.

With all of their items, they provide a level of quality and craftsmanship that endures forever.

The 22-inch swath of the coated steel cutting deck makes it perfect for the largest cutting projects. The distinctive design of the cutting head makes it simple to manoeuvre this model into confined locations where a lawnmower cannot top rated brush cutter.

You receive a sizable 14-inch wheel with ball bearings for effortless travel and smooth pushing. The rubber-tread tyres have sufficient traction to propel the best brush mower cutter across rocky and muddy ground best field mower.

This model’s user-friendly offset trimmer head is great for getting to awkward places best field mower.

The majority of 0.155′′ trimmer line manufacturers are universally compatible, and line changes are quick. This type has a comfort grip handle that can be folded down for easy storage in your tool shed out of the way best field and brush mower.

For homeowners and estate managers searching for an alternative to their mower or trimmer, this model is a suitable option. With the YardMax YL2250, you receive a multipurpose machine.

This machine has the best overall performance, a 2-year limited guarantee, and an operator’s manual.

  • 170cc gas-powered OHV motor
  • 2-inch cutting swath
  • Offset trimmer head for reaching tight spaces
  • 14-inch wheels for easy movement
  • Folding handle for compact storage

    Earthquake Walk Behind String Mower

    Powered by a strong, 160c 4- cycle Vioer engine. The earthquake walk behind string mower chops down your unsightly weeds and stubborn brush with ease.

    The large 14-inch wheels allow you to float through thick grass, weeds, brush, nettles, and other foliage too difficult for push mowers to overcome.

    Our one- piece steel deck provides strength and stability while reducing vibration. SUPER TOUGH nylon line has a cutting swath of 22 yo get the job done quickly the best field and brush mower.

    Tool- less handlebar adjustment knobs provide compact storage and east transportation. Never -go-  flat wheels ensure that your equipment is ready to go when you are. 

    The step is super simple with virtually zero assembly required. The Earthquake string mower is a powerful mower that can get rid of the thorniest, craziest weeds from your grass top rated brush cutter.

    It has a striking red and black color combination. It is a sturdy mower with a robust Briggs and Stratton engine that runs on gas for power.

    Earthquake is committed to providing a great product and an even better user experience which is why the Earthquake best walk behind brush mower is backed by a 5-year limited warranty

    • takes much time for large yard
    • Not suitable for long lawn

    WRC10224H – Swisher 10.2 HP 24″ Commercial Pro Walk Behind Rough Cut

    Improved gear shift access located on the handlebars for better operator control, 10.2HP(389cc) Honda 12V AND recoil start engine.24in.self propelled walk behind rough cut mower or best field mower.

    It has single G6 commercial cutting blade. It’s cutting height range of 3-4.75 in. Garden equipment is built with a complex structure that calls for technical expertise and tried-and-true methods.

    Mowers are the foundation of Swisher production. Along with many other items, they sell garden carts, steel rollers, trimmers, and cutters.

    source of energy and engine: This reliable device is powered by a typical backyard battery. By the way, the kit does not contain it.

    The device becomes the most potent best walk behind brush cutter available on the market when equipped with a 10.2 Honda recoil start engine. Since the lawn mower is self-propelled, little effort is required.

    Height and deck size modifications: It has front safety deflectors and wire shield. its operator presence blade engagement and Drive control. It has Large pneumatic chevron tread tries best field and brush mower. 

    When the tool has a large cutting range, it is useful. Best brush mower Such large best walk behind brush mower can accommodate almost all grass sizes.

    The Swisher lawnmower has a heavy-duty 24 inch deck with a 3 to 4.75 inch cutting height. The operator’s control panel houses all of the control handlebars.

    Because of this, you may set the desired height without the need of any other tools.

    Materials and supplementary elements: The lawn mower can travel across hills and wetlands thanks to its huge pneumatic chevron tyres. It also moves quite nicely.

    You will receive the protective guard and front safety deflectors that keep you a long way from the blade. Four-speed gearboxes let you to customize the comfortable cutting to your tastes.

    • 1 year commercial and residential warrenty
    • 4 – speed transmission with reverse
    • Adjustable stable height handlebar with hand controls
    • Doesn’t work properly in hard-to-reach places.

    TAZZ One-Piece Steel Deck

    Another outstanding device in our evaluation, the Tazz is a strong rival to the Earthquake model that we previously discussed.

    Get rid of the trimmer and switch to a best walk behind brush cutter if you’re a homeowner or estate manager with extensive grass and brambles on your land.

    The roughest grass, thorny bushes, and yard waste can be easily cut through with this Tazz model. Braided lines 0.155′′ are included as standard equipment with the machine, and the 22-inch cutting swatch provides adequate coverage.

    For simple yard identification, the coated steel deck is bright green in colour. You also receive an offset cutting head for easy use in tight spots around your property.

    The Tazz has low-profile wheels with huge 14-inch rubber tyres. It is simple to move over uneven terrain and up hills thanks to the treaded tyres.

    For ease of usage and compact storage, this model has a collapsible handle and an easy throttle bar best field mower.

    The 150cc gas-powered 4-cycle engine that powers the Tazz has the power to cut through even the toughest garden trash.

    It has a never-kill engine, which makes sure the engine keeps running while you switch the line top rated brush cutter.

    On grass, brambles, and other garden detritus, this model offers a quick, fluid cutting operation with outstanding consistency best mower for brush.

    It also has a great pricing, which makes it a strong rival to the best models in this review. A 3-year manufacturer’s warranty is also included.

    • 150cc gas-powered engine
    • 22-inch cutting swath
    • 14-inch wheels for maneuverability
    • Adjustable handle angle
    • Continuous running
    • Requires assembly (delivered unassembled)

    Swisher FC14560CPKA 14.5 HP 12V Kawasaki 60″ Commercial Pro Trail Mower Trailmower, Gray

    If you have large area of grass to mowb, you should use swisher trail mower! This 14.5HP (603cc) commercial pro 60 In. TRAILmower is designed to dramatically tally reduce mowing time.

    The swisher trail mower attached to ATV’s, lawn tractors, and any utility vehicles to cut large lawns and meadows fast. 

    Commercial grade cast iron blade spindles with three G6 Gator mulching blades are powered by a 14.5 HP (603cc) Kawasaki V-twin engine for a finish-cut quality, each and every mowing. 

    A 60 in. Side -discharge deck cuts wide swaths and spreads the grass out to avoid choking best brush mower. 

    The true floating deck reduces scalping for professional mowing results, even on tricky terrain. Cutting-height adjustment handles are easy to control for just the right cut best field and brush mower.

    This Swisher is equipped with a handy 12 Volt key starter, so firing up the mower is a snap, rather than a big workout best field mower.

    A universal articulating hitch attaches to any hitch system and lets the mower maneuver easily behind whatever is pulling it.

    The 2.5 Gallon fuel tank means less downtime and more productivity for getting the job done fast and getting back to your weekend.! U1 battery not included best walk behind brush cutter.

    • Three 5-in diameter anti-scalp rollers for smoother travel
    • 3 G6 Gator commercial mulching blades
    • Commercial grade cast iron blade spindles
    • Standard lawn and garden battery not included
    • Made in the USA
    • The Trailmower is the ultimate time saver
    • Powerful 14.5 HP (603cc) Kawasaki V-twin commercial grade engine
    • 60-In true floating cutting deck with side discharge
    • 1-In to 5.5-in variable cutting height adjustment
    • Lock-out system and safety tether kill switch
    • Works with engine

    Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SWFT15022

    Use a heavy-duty machine if your estate or property is overgrown and needs extensive maintenance.

    The Southland walk-behind brush cutter is yet another superb illustration of a high-end device offered at a reasonable price.

    For removing brambles, long grass, and other tough garden debris from the area around your property, this model is a wonderful option.

    With a 150cc gas engine producing 5.75 ft/lbs of torque, even the toughest garden materials are easily cut through best mower for brush.

    If your estate or property needs extensive upkeep because it is overgrown, you must rely on a heavy-duty machine.

    Another great illustration of a high-end device with an affordable price tag is the Southland best walk behind brush cutter.

    This type is excellent for removing brambles, tall grass, and other tough garden debris from the area around your property.

    With a 150cc gas engine producing 5.75 ft/lbs of torque, it is simple to cut through even the toughest garden materials.

    • 150cc gas-powered motor
    • Easy-start fuel delivery system
    • 22-inch cutting swatch
    • 12-inch wheels
    • Folding foam grip handle to reduce vibration
    • Works poorly on uneven grounds

    Dr Power At41026dmn Field & Brush Mower with 26″ Cutting Width

    DR Power is undoubtedly one of the top brands among producers of the best brush mowers. Premier, one of DR Power’s top products, is renowned for its lightweight performance.

    This brush mower 26-inch deck offers greater cutting width, and its 3.5-inch cutting height enables it to effectively remove weeds up to 8″ in height, grass up to 4 inches high, and saplings up to 2 inches thick without the use of additional attachments.

    This design helps the machine maintain its weight of 237 lbs. Premier brush mowers also offer the highest calibre mulching.

    The OHV engine that powers this mower starts up quickly and produces tremendous power for even better performance best walk behind brush cutter for small trees best field and brush mower.

    One of the best brush mowers for skid steer, these mowers operate on a gear-driven transmission, locking the pace to the ground and keeping it under control so you can concentrate on driving it across uneven terrain.

    These mowers have enclosed decks on three sides, which repeatedly slice grass clippings into fine mulch.

    • Can cut land at an angle of 35 degrees
    • It can be run by small tractors too
    • Suitable for heavy-duty mowing
    • Can cut land at an angle of 35 degrees
    • It can be run by small tractors too
    • Suitable for heavy-duty mowing

    SuperHandy String Trimmer Walk Behind 21″ Inch Line Cutting Diameter for Landscaping,

    The SuperHandy String Trimmer Walk Behind is our editor’s choice because of its astonishing power rating. This trimmer performs far better than other trimmers, especially the handheld ones, with a power rating of 2.5kW best mower for brush.

    It exudes stunning high quality and durability thanks to its 144cc 4 Stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Engine.

    And beyond its impeccable strength, it has a harmonious deck offset frame and an easy design. It also has a 21-inch trimmer line diameter, 0.12-by-0.12-by-19.7-inch trimmer line dimensions, and a high top rotation speed of 3600 rpm.

    If you want a high-quality and effective tool to manage your tall grass and weeds and maintain the beauty of your walkways, field brushes, lawns, and gardens, the SuperHandy String Trimmer is your go-to equipment.

    It offers remarkable manoeuvrability with its all-terrain wheel design and promotes easy storage and transportation with its device-less handlebar.

    Additionally, this trimmer is a terrific alternative for families because it stresses safety as its engine is carefully engineered to assure the operator’s safety, plus it’s EPA approved.

    • Fit to be used on massive plots of land
    • It allows easy storage with its compact design
    • It’s great for tall weeds and grass
    • Maneuvers easily on all terrains
    • Assembling could be a bit strenuous

    Swisher RC14544CPKA 14.5HP 12V Kawasaki 44″

    Four oversized 16×6.5 in. sealant filled pneumatic tires for rugged durability, added stability, and flotation on soft ground.

    It has quick tool- free hitch offset adjustment for 5 possible offset positions. It has foldable hitch with 2 in. Ball coupler reduces storage space. 

    Simple low maintenance 2-point here ght adjustment system with locking handles to retain selected height. Heavy duty stump jumper and two break away swings ng blades cut most stems up to 3 in. diameter

    • 2 point height adjustment systems
    • Foldable hitch with 2 in
    • Durability for rugged
    • Takes less space
    • Works with fuel

    What Do I Look for In a Walk Behind Brush Cutter

    Motor Power

    Your walk-behind brush cutter’s performance is based on its motor power. Most models in this review come with gas-powered engines, featuring a 150cc capacity.

    According to the experts on landscaping forums, a 150cc capacity offers you the optimum power for trimming stubborn garden detritus.

    A 150cc engine generates about 5 ft/lbs of torque, which is enough to easily cut through weeds, brambles, and long grass. Choose a 4-stroke motor for the best service life and consistent performance.

    Cutting Width

    The cutting swath defines the cutting path’s breadth as the machine advances. The best products in this review include a 22-inch swatch. With each pass of the machine, they will be 22 inches in front of you.

    Even though the cutting swath of smaller versions like the Southlands SWSTM4317 is just about 17 inches, it is still wider than that of the majority of portable trimmers.

    The larger model in this evaluation has a 22-inch swatch that is comparable to, if not bigger than, the main lawnmower brands best mower for brush.

    Frame Materials

    Consider the frame materials when looking for the best walk-behind brush cutter. The greatest versions come with powder-coated steel frames for durability.

    During your clearing activities, a steel frame will withstand any hits on pebbles or stones without getting damaged.

    Easy Starting

    Look for walk-behind brush cutters with simple machine starting. Flooding the carburetor as you angrily tug on the ripcord is the last thing you need.

    For simpler starting, we advise selecting for models featuring a recoil fuel delivery mechanism.

    Collapsible Handle

    Your walk-behind brush cutter must have a foldable handle and a locking throttle bar. In your tool shed or garage, a collapsible handle offers convenient, out-of-the-way storage.

    A trigger lock and a padded grip also aid to decrease operator fatigue during use.


    Large wheels are necessary for your walk-behind brush cutter to navigate rocky terrain. Try to find models with 12- or 14-inch wheels.

    With wheels of this size, you can easily manoeuvre on a variety of surfaces and they won’t get stuck on pebbles.

    A never-flat design and tread on the wheels will help you obtain grip on gravel and slick surfaces, such as damp grass.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best brush cutter to buy?

    Stihl is the strongest brush cutters. For professionals that require a high- quality battery- powered brush cutter, the FSA 130 and 130 R from STiHL’s PRO range provides a reliable tool without compromising on performance. 

    Can a brush cutter cut grass?

    Yes! Sure, A brush mower is a great tool not just for your toughest brush, but it also works for mowing particularly tall or wet grass. 

    Are Stihl brush cutters any good?

    Stihl -Beat Choice Brush Cutter The Stihl FS 131 is categorised by the manufacturer as a touch strummer, but actually built as, and definitely performs as a brush cutter. It’s very powerful, and lightweight and well- balanced.

    The Verdict

    A best walk behind brush cutter is an ideal machine for trimming those tougher areas of your property. A walk-behind brush cutter’s vigorous trimming motion easily handles long grass, brambles, and weeds walk behind brush cutter reviews.

    After reading through the reviews and our buyer’s guide, you should have an idea of the right best brush mower cutter to suit your lawn care needs.

    However, if you’re struggling with your purchase decision, why not go with one of our top picks? We have best walk behind brush cutter available to suit any size yard or budget.

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