The Best Lawn Dethatcher to Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Tidy

Your Lawn Dethatcher benefits from a little layer of thatch, but too much might destroy the grass. Learn when to dethatch your lawn and how to do it.

Dethatching, or removing dead grass and debris, is essential for a healthy lawn. Dethatchers are available in a range of sizes and designs; choose the one that best suits your yard.

A dethatcher is light weight tool that is used to remove thatch that is up to 1/2 inch thick. A power rake is a heavy-duty garden tool primarily used by professional landscapers to lift and remove thatch that exceeds 1/2 inch in thickness. 

There is few best times to dethatch your lawn when it’s actively growing and the soil is moderately moist. For winter-season grasses, that’s early p spring or early fall lawnmaster dethatcher.

For hot season grasses, dethatch in late spring through early summer  after the second mowing)that’s when your grass is growing most vigorously. 

Best dethatching rake machine rakes are so good for light that h and general that h maintenance on small lawn areas. Power rakes are mower- like devices with rotating, rake- like tines that dig into that h at the soil level and pull it up.

Power rakes work well for lawns with thinner thatch layers and grass that can withstand intense raking best way to thatch a lawn. 

The Highest-Rated Lawn Dethatchers 2022

Lawn DethatchersTypeWidthTinesBuy Now
Greenworks 10 Amp 14Motorized14 inches18 stainless steel with 3-position depth adjustmentAmazon
Sun Joe AJ805E Motorized13 inches5 adjustable height positionsAmazon
LawnMaster GV1212Bterrain13-Inch  Scarifier and Dethatcher 13-Inch 12AMP.Amazon
Agri-Fab Tine Tow DethatcherTow-behind40 inches20 heat-treated spring tinesAmazon
Wolf-GartenRake head attachmen12 inches10 stainless steel hooked spring tinesAmazon
Brinly DT-480BH Tow-behind48 inchesTwo rows of 12 spring steel tinesAmazon
WORX WG850 Motorized14 Inch14 wide tines, at 3 different depths: -9mm, -3mm, +3mmAmazon
VonHaus 2 in 1 Electric Lawn Dethatcher Scarifier & AeratorMotorized15 inches5 Adjustable Working Depths,Amazon

The 8 Best Lawn Dethatchers in 2022

Greenworks 10 Amp 14” Corded Electric Dethatcher (Stainless Steel Tines)

It best electric dethatcher in early spring or in early fall for cool- season summer, and in late spring through early summer ( later the second mowing) for warm-season grasses.

10A motor provides the power you require to tackle the toughest jobs. This dethatcher allows you to complete jobs faster and more efficiently best pull behind dethatcher.

Lawn care enthusiasts should check out the Greenworks 14-Inch Corded Dethatcher for small to medium-sized yards.

With a 10-amp motor, this electric dethatcher has sufficient of power for suburban and metropolitan yards.

With its 18 stainless steel tines, it creates a dethatching path that is 14 inches wide, necessitating fewer best dethatching rake machine passes over the lawn to finish the task.

A few additional noteworthy elements are also present in the Greenworks model. It folds for simpler storage and has a padded grip and adjustable handle for comfortable pushing best way to thatch a lawn.

Even a safety button is included to prevent unintentional starting of the dethatcher. Additionally, customers can pick how far they want to dig into the thatch thanks to the three adjustable heights.

It provides greater control by removing matted layers to promote lawn health. It stays sharp longer for reliable performance.

  • Work with Motor

Sun Joe AJ801E 12-Amp 13-Inch Electric Dethatcher 

Get a perfect lawn picture with our 12.6- inch Electric Scarifier + Dethatcher from Sun Joe. Noticing dry, browning patches on your lawn and watering just is not cutting it.

You have probably got thatch build-up ! Scarfying your lawn at regular intervals cuts grass roots and encourages growth for thicker, healthier turf best electric dethatcher .

And regularly using a dethatcher best dethatching rake helps cut down on dense masses f roots, stems and grass clipping that build-up over time. 

Whereas ordinary manual rakes are tiresome to use and not very effective, the electric dethatcher starts instantly with the just push button and easily gets the job done without pulluting the atmosphere with toxic carbon emissions.

Powering by a robust 12/amp motor, Sun Joe rakes a 12.6 inch wide path in a single pass to get your job done fast. Featuring enhanced Airboost technology, the raking spring steel sharper, longer for maximum performance best pull behind dethatcher.

Equipped with a 5- position depth control knob, Sun Joe let’s you tailor the raking depth from 0 in. (o me below the soil) (10mm above the soil) and your scarifying depth from 0.4 in. 

No gas, oil or tune-ups make the sun Joe dethatcher your green choice for greening your lawn. Plus, every Sun Joe is backed by our complete 2- year warranty. 

  • No gas, oil or tune-ups needed
  • Have 2 year warranty
  • Featuring enhanced AirBoost technology
  • Starts with the push button only
  • Self-propelled
  • Efficient
  • Affordable
  • Small collection bag
  • Needs an extension cord

LawnMaster GV1212B Scarifier and Dethatcher 13-Inch 12AMP

With 14- inch cylinders , Scarifier and lawn Dethatcher with 12.5 AMP powerful motor provides a speed of 3700 RPM. 0.39-0.19 inch for Scarifier Cylinder.

It has 0.19- 0.39 inch for Aerator Cylinder. It is only a Cylinder for Scarifier and best dethatcher . It has 10.5 Gallon Large capacity grass bag.

Due to its distinctive design, the Lawn Master GV1212B is another noteworthy item. With its 19-position height adjustment feature, you can quickly rake even the thickest lawns best pull behind dethatcher .

In addition, the 2-in-1 swappable feature is useful, particularly when you want to switch from scarifying to lawn detaching. Additionally, the foldable handle is a great answer to your storage issues best electric dethatcher.

The wheels are 6.7 and 3.15 in size. Grass aerator machine is only 31.19 lbs, easy to rotate, labor-saving and easy to control. We have Priority shipping service from our US warehouse and professional customer service lawnmaster dethatcher.

The 19-position adjustable height of this equipment, best dethatching rake which is ideal for tackling all kinds of terrains and lawn conditions, is one of its most distinctive features. It works well for dense gardens that require expert grooming and heavy matted layers.

The lightweight and foldable handles, which provide for simple storage and transportation, are what elevate this device to a must in every gardener’s toolkit.

The LawnMaster is a viable alternative for you if you’re searching for something highly adaptable.

It also includes a 7.4-gallon collecting bag that is already attached so you can remove all the weeds and dead grass from your garden.

  • 15-INCH Cutting Width &High Efficiency
  • 2 Cylinders & Efficient Grass Collection
  • Folded & 31.19lbs Lightweight
  • Purchase Guarantee
  • 19 Cutting Positions
  • Comes with dethatcher and scarifier attachments
  • Comes with five adjustments
  • Long-lasting steel tines
  • Small collection bag
  • Needs an extension cord

Agri-Fab 40-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher 45-0294,Black

The Agri Fab, inc 48 tine de-thatcher model will have your grass growing better in no time. Tone De-thatcher effectively loosen and lift thatch for healthier lawn growth.

The best time to De dethatch is in the fall because it allows water and nutrients to reach the grass roots in preparation for the spring.

The 40-inch Tow Lawn Dethatcher by Agri-Fab is a worthwhile option when looking for lawn care goods with a focus on affordability.

This tow-behind dethatcher has 20 heat-treated tines spaced evenly throughout its 40-inch width for strength and durability, as well as a universal hitch for connecting to any lawn tractor, four-wheeler, or side-by-side best pull behind dethatcher.

The Agri-Fab has a weight tray that can be filled with bricks or concrete blocks weighing up to 70 pounds to increase its capacity to penetrate dense thatch.

Additionally best dethatching rake, it has a handle that can be reached from the lawn tractor seat, making it convenient for users to raise and lower the tines without getting out of their seats.

This dethatcher, with its 40-inch width and universal hitch, is a useful and reasonably priced tool for large homes.

The 48” de-thatcher virtually uproots dead, matted grass swathes up to 48” in length. The 48” groomer has 24 rust- Caz proof and replaceable heat-treated tines for maximum execution and durability.

  • Two 7” flat free wheels provide smooth transport.
  • Simple-to-use cantilever transport handle for easy raising and lowering of the tines.
  • The 48” weight tray holds up to 70 lbs. for improved thatch removal.
  • A universal hitch attaches to any tractor, regardless of brand.
  • Small collection bag
  • Needs an extension cord

Wolf-Garten Interlocken Dethatching Rake 12“

Wolf -Garten best dethatcher is smooth pendulum has special hardened blades.There is no reaharpening of blades required in this.

It is really very easy to roll wheels for consistent height. It can handle sold separately best dethatching machine. 

Wolf-Interlocken Garten’s Dethatching Rake may be the best instrument to have if you want to dethatch a lawn the traditional method.

This 12-inch-wide rake has 10 stainless steel spring tines, giving it lots of strength and durability lawnmaster dethatcher.

Because the front of the tines are rounded, users may move it back and forth through the grass without having to lift it repeatedly like they would with a rake or a manual dethatcher of poorer quality.

The Wolf-head Garten’s has a tilting design that may be adjusted to suit each user’s preferences best pull behind dethatcher.

Although the handle for this device is sold separately by Wolf-Garten and cannot be attached to a regular rake handle, it may be used with other Wolf-Garten Interlocken instruments, including rakes and cultivators.

  • Special hardened blades
  • No resharpening of blades required
  • Easy roll wheels for consistent height
  • Handle sold separately
  • Not suitable for Large lawn

Brinly DT-480BH-A Tow Behind Dethatcher, 48-Inch

For larger mowers and lawns, a 48 working width and 2 rows of 12 independently flexing spring steel tines comb through a lawn, lifting thatch up and out of the lawn where it can be mowed or mulched to promote a healthier root system best tow behind dethatcher.

It is wide 48 working width is perfect for larger mowers or bigger green spaces -covering more ground for quicker results.

All steel construction, times are made of durable spring steel in the unlikely event of a breakage, a safety rod is the included to catch the tine and prevent contact with mower blades.

No flat rubber – tread transport wheels for durability. Never -flat transport wheels are located behind and in-line with the tray to minimize footprint width facilitate leveling lawnmaster dethatcher. 

24 long-lasting, triple-coil strength 3/16″ diameter spring steel tines stay flexible and guarantee performance.

A single, heavy-duty universal hitch pin is included to easily attach the best dethatcher to any rider or tractor and most any ZTR or ATV.

Simple Assembly: Includes easy pictorial assembly manual. Assembly video also available on Brinly’s YouTube channel.

Trusted since 1839, Brinly- Hardy Company has been dedicated to providing quality, durable, and innovative lawn and Garden products built in the USA. 

  • Maximum Thatch Removal
  • Spring Steel Tines:
  • Made in the USA
  • Universal Hook-Up
  • Transport Wheels
  • Long-Lasting Construction
  • Ideal for Large Yards
  • Small collection bag
  • Needs an extension cord

WORX WG850 12 Amp 14 Inch Corded Electric Dethatcher, Black

Set Dethather to minus 9mm minus 3mm or plus 3mm. Some lawns need deeper dethatching, some just need to be managed.

This suggests that this dethachwr handle folds down so you can throw it in the corner of the garage or the trunk. It can stop quickly when you need to best electric dethatcher.

The lock-off switch also keeps things safe and power efficient. This keeps you from  your blowing dead grass shoots, strm, and roots all over your feet and your yard best pull behind dethatcher. 

A powerful best dethatcher like Brinly’s DT-48BH can be the best tool for the job when it comes to removing thick thatch best dethatching machine.

The goal of this 48-inch tow-behind dethatcher is to complete the difficult task in the fewest number of passes. On big properties, the 48-inch width’s 24 spring steel tines can penetrate thick thatch.

This best dethatcher has a tray for adding more weight and an all-steel structure, which enhances the Brinly’s performance over difficult terrain lawnmaster dethatcher.

With the universal hitch, any tractor, ATV, or side-by-side can be connected. Additionally, the mounting of the 8-inch never-flat tyres behind the weight helps to level and promote stability best thatching rake.

Word tools are engineered with cutting- edge technology, and above modern efficiency standards, so you can build a cost- effective tool collection that’s been designed to last. 

  • Small collection bag
  • Needs an extension cord

VonHaus 2 in 1 Electric Lawn Dethatcher Scarifier & Aerator

With this VonHaus electric 2-in-1 scarifier and aerator, you can more effectively dethatch your grass and remove dead material. This model can be used on lawns that are around 15 inches wide.

A bag that can hold up to 45 litres of clippings, five various depth heights, a thermal cut-out, and a two-stage start for safety operation are further features. This product is covered by a 12-month warranty.

Although St. Augustine grass may not be a good fit for this tool, one buyer gushed, “Loved the lightweight handle. On one pass, I collected six bags of dead grass.

  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Lightweight
  • Folding handles and removable collection box for storage
  • Interchangeable drums are easy to remove and install
  • Dual start system for safety
  • Five depth settings
  • The collection box doesn’t pick up all the debris
  • Noisy at 104dB

Types of Dethatchers

Before you start shopping for the best pull behind dethatcher, it’s important to understand the different styles of dethatchers available.

Each has its own pros and cons, so getting to know how each type works will help you to make a better decision on which is the best way to thatch a lawn for your needs.


Motorized dethatchers could be preferred by those with smaller yards who also want to complete their daily exercise requirements.

These have motors that spin tiny dethatching tines that dig and release the thatch, and they resemble little lawn mowers in appearance.

The majority of motorised dethatchers are corded electric devices, thus either a nearby outdoor power source or a lengthy extension cord are needed.

Small lawns or other areas that frequently need dethatching are best suited for them. They are simple to operate and simply require back and forth walking, which is a benefit. Additionally, they require little upkeep.


A tow-behind dethatcher could be a great addition to your lawn-care equipment if you have a sizable yard with a riding mower or tractor.

The hitch on the rear of a lawnmower, tractor, four-wheeler, or side-by-side can accommodate these best thatching rake.

The best dethatcher rake is pulled across the lawn by one of these motorised machines, which swiftly and effortlessly loosens the thatch lawnmaster dethatcher.

Once they are securely secured, tow-behind dethatchers are exceedingly simple to operate. They can even be pulled behind a riding lawnmower to finish two tasks in a fraction of the time.

Since many models are up to 4 feet wide, storing a tow-behind dethatcher can be a little difficult.


Attachments can transform other lawn products, including lawn mowers, into occasional dethatchers, just like tow-behind dethatchers.

Given that the user must switch out mower blades for dethatching blades, this can be a little labor-intensive. Most mower attachments are compatible with 20-inch decks.

For optimal results, see the best dethatcher blade manufacturer’s attachment information best dethatching machine.

You can maintain your lawn on a regular basis until you need to dethatch the lawn once more by replacing the dethatching blades with the original mowing blades after using the push mower to dethatch the lawn.

In addition to saving storage space, buying a dethatching attachment is less expensive than buying a thatching equipment.


Manual dethatcher will save you a lot of money if you don’t mind a little extra work. With this instrument, users may concentrate their efforts on certain tiny regions to make sure they can remove all the thatch.

It resembles a conventional yard rake in appearance best pull behind dethatcher or power rake.

Manual dethatchers are perfect for tiny garages or workshops with limited storage because they are rake-like in size and design.

They are particularly helpful for smaller properties and smaller sections of compact thatch because they do take a little bit more work.

Buying Guide : Best Lawn Dethatcher

The best dethatcher is determined by a variety of things. The most crucial factors to keep in mind while you peruse the available options are outlined in this section. This will assist you in selecting the best dethatcher for the size of your lawn and one that works well with your current lawn equipment.

lawn Size

When looking for the best dethatcher, the size of the lawn may be the most important factor. Some models are more than adequate for a small yard, but they might not be enough to dethatch a couple of acres.

A manual dethatcher is frequently the best option for small yards on constrained city lots.

The equipment is simple to store and is more than adequate for removing the dead grass and leaves because there isn’t going to be a lot of thick thatch.

A motorised dethatcher can be the perfect solution for medium-sized properties up to a couple of acres. These machines can quickly dethatch a grass. There must be a nearby power source because the majority are electric.

Motor Power

Best dethatching rake is neither a labor-intensive task, nor does it necessitate the use of a large, powerful machine.

A simple electric motor will operate since it’s simple for a regular dethatcher to disrupt the layer of grass and leaf litter that lies beneath most lawns best pull behind dethatcher.

These motors will often have between 10 and 15 amps, with 15 amps being on the heavier-duty end of the spectrum thatching grass.

Choose a greater amperage if the yard is on the larger side of tiny because it will better cool the engine while it is running. On the other hand, a smaller property just needs 10 amps.


The tiny, finger-like prongs known as tines are what puncture and release the thatch. Any dethatcher type’s number of tines is normally based on the machine’s breadth.

The thatch is lifted, dug through, and broken up as the tines rotate around the shaft (or are pulled through the yard) best dethatching machine.

Given that thatch is frequently moist and can cause some metal to corrode, the substance of the tines is particularly important.

The best tines are made of stainless steel or spring steel since they are both robust and corrosion-resistant. For individuals who like a tool that requires less maintenance, stainless steel is unquestionably the material to have

The best tines are made of stainless steel or spring steel since they are both robust and corrosion-resistant. For individuals who like a tool that requires less maintenance, stainless steel is unquestionably the material to have lawnmaster dethatcher rake.


Capability for weight

On occasion, you might wish a dethatcher to penetrate the thatch a little further.

This may be the case if you neglected to dethatch in the fall, resulting in a thick mat of grass clippings, tree needles, leaf litter, and small twigs that was compacted by the snow of winter.

In those situations, a dethatcher may have greater bite with a little more weight best residential dethatcher.

Weight can be added to some tow-behind dethatchers to aid in driving the tines deeper into dense thatch. Consider switching to a tow-behind that can handle some extra weight if a light-duty dethatcher isn’t cutting it.

Dethatcher Width

You can occasionally need a dethatcher to remove the thatch a little bit deeper.

This may be the case if you neglected to dethatch in the fall and the snow from the winter months compacted the grass clippings, tree needles, leaf litter, and small twigs into a thick mat best residential dethatcher.

A dethatcher may have a little more bite in those situations if it is slightly heavier best pull behind dethatcher.

To help push the tines further into dense thatch, some tow-behind dethatchers can be given additional weight.

If a light-duty dethatcher isn’t cutting it, think about switching to a tow-behind that can handle a little more weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best electric dethatcher?

Just read to find out why the bestvdethatcher is worth adding to your lawn-care arsenal. 
Best overall  : Greenworks -10 amp- 14 inch corded dethatcher
Runner-up : Sun Joe Small collection bag 
Needs an extension cord
BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Agri-Fab 40 in. …
UPGRADE PICK: John Deere 40 in.

What is the best time to dethatch lawn?

The Best time to dethatch your lawn is when it’s actively growing and the soil is moderately most. For cool- season grasses, that’s early spring or early fall. For warm- season grasses, deathmatch in late spring through early summer after the second mowing). That’s when your grass is growing most vigorously.

What is the best way to dethatch your lawn?

Dethatching is the easy option because it is accomplished simply by using a rake. Push the rake tines deeply down through the gass, so that they reach the thatch layer that lies beneath. If you have a cool- season grass, you can be dethatching your lawn at the same time as you take it for other reasons. 

Best way to thatch a lawn ?

As you would a conventional rake, use a dethatching rake. To help loosen and remove the buildup, dig the tines into the thatch and lift it upward. Raking should cause the thatch to separate from the soil, both physically and visually.

Will dethatching remove weeds ?

Weeds and poor grass types can survive after dethatching if you leave them there without first dethatching, and dethatchers have little effect on any of these.


Lawnmaster dethatcher rakes are good for light thatch and general thatch maintenance on small lawn areas. Power rakes are mower – like devices with rotating, rake tines that dig into thatch at the soil level and pull it up.

Power rakes works well for lawns with thinner thatch layers and grass that can withstand intense ranking.

You can dethatch when soil is moist, not dry best electric dethatcher. 

If soil is too wet, a dethatch may yank turf out by the roots, creating large bare spots.

09It’s best to dethatch during cooler weather.

Now the lawn to half it’s normal height right before detgatching. 

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