20 Different Types of Lawn Mowers in 2022 Mostly Used (Buying Guide)

Types of lawn mower are a necessary piece of equipment for maintaining a yard. lawnmower types are a crucial piece of kit for outside yard maintenance and your home lawn care.

Read our exhaustive list of all the types of mowers available to discover everything there is to learn about the different types of lawn mowers, including which model will be best suited to your yard, your budget, and your requirements.

If you merely want to keep your lawn from becoming an overgrown very wildly meadow and you want a neat and manicured lawn.

The neighbors will definitely envy, there are many things you will need to consider before making a good purchase.

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To learn about all different types of lawn mowers and which one is the best type and will suited your yard very well, and your budget, read our comprehensive list of all the best types of mowers available.

Ride-On lawnmower

You have large lawn to cut, and might want to treat yourself on a ride-on-mower.

These make light work of mowing lawns, cutting down the time it takes you to cut your grass, and making it much easier and more enjoyable experience.

Types of riding mowers are far superior to walk-along mowers, but they have a price tag to match. There are also types of riding lawn mowers, but most of them can be broken down into three categories, and these are

Lawn Tractor

Lawn Tractor
Lawn Tractor

Lawn tractor is best type of lawn mower. They are very basic thing to the people, and it has front mounted engines will be what many of us visualize when we think about ride-on-mowers.

This is basically a good of mowers for large lawn, with deck widths typically ranging from between 42 and 54 inches.

A good way to work out which size lawn tractor you need is to divide its deck width by 12, and maximum size if lawn will be handling it. Might be , 42-inch deck width will be maximum size for lawns up to 4 acres.

  • Lawn tractor will perform mowing very efficient
  • Need less time
  • Have seat for driver, no tiredness
  • Not applicable for small yard, lawn
  • Have engine, can’t work with our engine working

Articulating Lawn Mowers

Articulating is an All-wheel Drive articulatedis is also types of riding lawn mowers. All four wheels work with power supply for unrivaled traction on hills and wet grass.

The R322t is equipped with halogen headlights , perfect when mowing in the late evening.

The articulated steer allows the rear wheels to swing underneath the machine , providing greater maneuverability and a tighter turning radius.

The front mounted deck gives the operator a better view of the cutting area to mow under bushes and around gardens with many precision.

This model of the R322T comes with a side discharge mowing deck that can flip in the service best type of lawn mower.

  • Articulated steering
  • All- wheel Drive
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Automatic Blade engagement
  • Front mounted cutting Deck
  • Flip-Up- Deck Service position
  • Ergonomic Position
  • Attatchment Frame
  • Storage Compartment
  • Headlights
  • Hour Meter
  • Engine Behind Rider

    Zero Turn lawnmower

    Zero Turn lawnmower
    Zero Turn lawnmower

    Zero-Turn mowers, since the last few decades, became the ferrari’s of the lawn mowing world.

    They controlled by lap bars in the front seat, which operates the dual hydrostatic transmissions at the rear wheels types of zero turn mowers.

    They can pivot, make sharp turns, and give an excellent all- round cutting performance. Zero- turn mowers can pass hurdles than ride-on-mowers, it is able to cut tightly against landscaped edges, will result in better finish on most lawns.

    It has excellent t steering ability that gives it a more efficient mowing experience to the driver. Especially for irregular shapes of lawns.

    They typically offer the easiest mowing of all lawnmower types, with the capacity to cut the most grass in the shortest space of time.

    • Can pass hurdles
    • Cut tightly against landscaped edges
    • Efficient for irregular shapes of lawns
    • Highly Advanced
    • Less Pull
    • Smaller Model Hiccups

    Rear Engine Riding Mower

    Rear Engine Riding Mower
    Rear Engine Riding Mower

    Rear Engine Riding mowers are good choice for moderately sized lawns, which might be small for warrant a lawn tractor, quite too big to use a walk mower.

    Usually, these mowers as the name suggest, hold the engine at the rear of the machine, underneath the driving seat, and the deck is under the driver’s position.

    They are dynamically controlled by the shift-on-the-go hand lever , that is operates the continuously variable transmission,

    And it has only one cylinder engines, it can range from 344 to 38cc , with horsepower estimated to be between 10 and 11.

    • Moderate for sized lawns
    • Can drive by only one lever
    • Have seat for drive to give the person ease and comfort
    • engines are not as powerful,
    • cutting deck has less width

    Walk lawnmower

    Walk mowers have range of lawnmowers that the user walks along with.

    These are best suit for small lawns, generally anything up to half an acre in size (although a half – acre lawn might take you a good few hours to mow with normal walk.

    Walk mower offers the greatest variety and versatility when it comes to lawnmower types.

    They can vary wildly in price, quality, and offer numerous different features. Most walk mowers can be divided into the following sub-categories. 

    Cylinder lawnmower

    Cylinder lawnmower
    Cylinder lawnmower

    Cylinder mowers are best as reel mowers, have vertically rotating cylindrical blades front of the mower, slices against a fixed blade.

    Blades cut the grass, with action not dissimilar to scissors. They are designed to use on flat lawns and don’t cope particularly well with uneven or rough surfaces.

    They give a proper neat cut, it works especially well for creating defined stripes on a lawn. Best suit for soft grass types, as they don’t handle coarse grass well.

    They also struggle to cut for long grass. You have to keep in mind firstly for cylinder mower that it can cut your grass regularly, as the mower won’t perform well on grass that has become overgrown.

    • Best for small lawn
    • Suitable for small grass
    • Can slice very fine
    • Generally more expensive to purchase
    • More expensive to maintain due to sharpening of the blades

    Rotary lawnmower

    Rotary mowers are the most common types of walk-along mower you will find. It have a signal blade that works perfect at very high speed in horizontal motion.

    This mower is perfect for small lawn, yard as it works perfect on medium to long grass, , meaning you can leave longer in between mowing sessions without any negative impact.

    Rotary mowers slice them on impact due to the high speed of rotation, which results in a less accurate and more uneven cut than you would get from a good cylinder mower.

    The difference of cut however, probably wouldn’t be that noticeable to most people, especially on an average lawn with its slopes, bumps, and color and thickness variations. 

    • Perfect for medium lawn
    • Can cut very efficiently 
    • Good at slopes , bumps, and color and thickness variations.
    • Noisy
    • Produces some amount of carbon dioxide.
    • Can’t get down to a low mowing height

    Push lawnmower

    Push lawnmower
    Push lawnmower

    Push mower as it has the name suggests, requires the users to manually force the machine across the reel type mower.

    The motor turns the blades, but the wheel action is all you. These mowers are popular because they are usually the most inexpensive, and they are also lightweight and easy to handle.

    A push mower offers good maneuverability, allowing the user to direct exactly where it goes, steering around obstacles and corners and even reversing.

    The fact that it is lightweight may be useful if you need to lift the mower into a trailer or truck bed, or if you need to carry it up and down steps.

    • Light weight
    • Easy to move here and there
    • Suitable for small yard
    • Inexpensive, easily buy
    • You can’t mow over sticks.
    • You can’t be a lazy lawn keeper
    • Sharpening the blades will be a challenge

    Self-Propelled lawnmower

    Self-Propelled lawnmower
    Self-Propelled lawnmower

    Self-Propelled lawnmower types, usually have a transmission that propels the machine forward, so the user does not need to push it, and instead guides it.

    These mowers are generally simple to operate and make mowing a lawn a much easier and quicker job, even in small yards. It doesn’t require any manpower or push, this has other advantages too.

    These mowers tend to give a more consistent lawn cut compared to push mowers, as they are able to maintain a constant speed.

    Self-propelled mowers are more mechanically technical than push mowers, so they require more maintenance and can be more difficult to fix when things go wrong.

    These mowers are typically more expensive to buy than push mowers, but many people find that the extra expenditure is worth it to avoid having to manually propel a push mower.

    • User doesn’t need to push it
    • Very easy and simply to use
    • Constant speed
    • They’re Heavier
    • There’s More to Go Wrong

    Hover lawnmower

    These lawnmower types hover are basically a few inches above the ground, just because of their reduced contact with the ground, and therefore reduced friction, easy to guide around the lawn.

    They are able to move in any direction, including sideways, which makes them particularly useful for yards, that basically have awkward shapes, or for maneuvering around obstacles such as planters, trees, and garden features.

    They give more powerful control to the user when it comes in the lawn. It tends to be fairly inexpensive, which is another factor that makes them quite popular.

    These types of mowers have advantages also have disadvantages. The main problem with hover mowers is that they lack power, presenting an issue for anyone with a larger sized lawn.

    They are most often with electric- powered, and they are best suited to small lawns.

    • Small in size
    • Perfect for small yard
    • Powerful control to the user
    • Inexpensive

      Power Type lawnmower

      The power type source most appropriate for your mower will depend on the size of your lawn , your strength, and your own personal preferences. There are many options of power types further :

      Manual Powered lawnmower

      Manual powered means push mowers. Though they probably have engine , this only operates the blades and doesn’t provide any momentum.

      The user is the source of momentum with muscle power, where the momentum is supplied by the engine, and the user only provides directional guidance.

      These are quietest , most environmentally friendly, and the most important thing is inexpensive. Quite hard to use, requiring a quite good amount of strength and energy to operate.

      They are good and suited to small lawns are different types of lawn mowers.

      • Engine helps to work quickly
      • Quietest , no any noise
      • Suited to small lawns
      • Mowers don’t look after twigs and stones.

      Electric Powered lawnmower

      Electric Powered lawnmower
      Electric Powered lawnmower

      There are powered by electricity through a cable attached to the mower. They are popular and account for majority of lawnmower types purchased each year, being especially common in small to medium-sized yards.

      Their popularity is due to their many advantages. They are lightweight, therefore easy to handle and maneuver are different types of lawn mowers.

      They are smaller than gas-powered mowers, making them easier to store when not in use. They never have to be charged like battery-powered mowers, and won’t run out of gas.

      You can run these mowers if you have electric mowers. It is very simple to use and give good, consistent results. These are also very affordable , and inexpensive.

      • Good for medium sized lawns.
      • Easy to handle and maneuver
      • Battery-powered mowers
      • inexpensive
      • Corded Models have limited reach and can cause a tripping hazard.
      • Electrical problems can occur in wet areas.
      • Cordless models have a shorter runtime.
      • Cannot handle tall or thick areas of grass efficiently.

      Gas-Powered lawnmower

      what type of gas for lawn mower? Gas-powered types of mowers works with engines that runs on petrol. They aren’t restricted by a cable, therefore are great for mowing large areas where corded mowers can’t reach.

      More powerful that electric mowers ans will cut grass faster , resulting in shorter mowing time. Their power means they are suitable for cutting even dense, thick, or tall grass with ease.

      Gas-powered mowers are easy to steer and maneuver reasonably well around obstacles. In terms of use, one of the biggest differences you will notice when operating a gas mower is that it is much heavier and larger in size.

      • Cut grass faster
      • Mowing in short time
      • Can cut every type of grass, thick, tall , dense
      • Work on engine, cause of pollution
      • Need regularly maintenance
      • Keep on top of oil or fuel levels
      • Noisy and most expensive

      Battery-Powered lawnmower

      Battery- powered mowers run off a battery, a lithium-ion battery, which is usually lightweight and long-lasting.

      These mowers are very beneficial for users, without the restriction of cable length. As these types of mowers don’t need any wire to be connected, that is why these are suitable for every size of the lawn.

      They tend to be slightly heavier than an electric mower, but much lighter than a gas-powered mower. These mowers offer excellent convenience, but this comes at a cost.

      They are more expensive than electric mowers, usually costing in excess of $500 for a good quality model.

      • Suitable for every type of lawns
      • Lightweight and long-lasting
      • Excellent convenience for user
      • Lithium –ion Battery
      • expensive

      Drive Types lawnmower

      The Drive of your mower is an important consideration that can impact performance, depending on your terrain.

      It will be either be rear-wheel drive ,front –wheel drive . or all-wheel drive , with each having pros and cons.

      Real Wheel Drive lawnmower

      Real wheel Drive is pushed forwards by the motion of the back wheels. They work well for wide-open spaces as they can be difficult to maneuver, and therefore you may struggle in small or awkwardly shaped gardens.

      They can be difficult to turn over to change direction, and particularly struggle to reverse. However, they are excellent on rough or unsteady terrain, as they will push forward across any bumps or steep inclines.

        • Need force to push
        • Difficult to maneuver

        Front-Wheel Drive lawnmower

        Front Wheel Drive mowers are propelled by the front wheels, which pull the mower along with their turning motion.

        These types of mowers work best for level lawns that don’t feature slopes or hills, as they don’t perform well on inclines types of lawnmower.

        Front-wheel drive mowers are easy to steer, and they can be maneuvered well around obstacles or irregularly shaped lawns.

        • Best for lawn levels
        • Easy to steer
        • Can be maneuvered well around obstacles
        • Not applicable for any type of lawn

        All-Wheel Drive lawnmower

        These mowers have all four wheels connected to their source of power and are all propelled equally, moving together in union.

        The main benefits of an All- wheel- drive mover are its speed and power, though it does lack the maneuverability of front-wheel drive mowers.

        Robotic Lawn Mower

        One of the best gardening gadgets to appear in recent years is the robot lawn mower, which is ideal for people who wish to spend less time doing chores in robot lawn mowers for small lawns.

        Is there a task that is more monotonous than cutting the lawn? It’s a strenuous, sweaty job. It’s also superfluous now that robotic lawn mowers have become commonplace.


        Lawnmowers are a crucial piece of kit for outside yard maintenance and your home lawn care,

        if you merely want to keep your lawn from becoming an overgrown very wildly meadow and you want a neat and manicured lawn,

        the neighbors will definitely envy, there are many things you will need to consider before making a good purchase different types of lawn mowers.

        These types of mowers hover are basically a few inches above the ground, just because of their reduced contact with the ground, and therefore reduced friction, easy to guide around the lawn.

        They are able to move in any direction, including sideways, which makes them particularly useful for yards, that basically have awkward shapes, or for maneuvering around obstacles such as planters, trees, and garden features types of lawnmower.

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